Direct Mail Response Rates 2021

Despite the rise in email marketing and social media, direct mail is still the most effective medium for getting responses from your target audience. According to the Winterberry Group's Outlook for Advertising, Marketing and Data 2022, direct mail response rates are expected to increase three-fold in 2021, compared to 2016.

The average household in the United States receives about two pieces of direct mail a day. During the holiday season, mail delivery can be a challenge.

A study by Triadex Services found that 70% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personal than email. Compared to emails, physical mail has a higher open rate. In addition, physical mail recipients are less likely to be distracted by new arrivals.

According to the Association of National Advertisers, direct mail has a response rate of about 9%. Direct mail has a much higher ROI than email, and is cheaper. The ROI for multichannel ad campaigns using direct mail is about 20% higher.

Direct mail response rates are a critical measure to assess a marketing campaign's success. It depends on several factors. One key is making a connection with the audience. A targeted list can help increase the response rate for a direct mail campaign.

Direct mail is also effective for targeting certain demographics. For example, Medicare mailings are targeted to people over the age of 60. It is also effective for reaching younger groups. For example, Millennials like receiving physical media. It is also more engaging than email.


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